Guatemala Sportfishing

Known for it's sheer numbers of sailfish and recognized as the world's largest breeding ground for Pacific Sailfish, Guatemala boasts numbers of sailfish released that are second to none.

The Guatemalan coast forms a giant bay. Strong currents coming west to east from the Mexican coast turn back after hitting the coast of El Salvador and create an enormous, naturally occurring eddy, rich in bait and pelagic fish where billfish and many other sport fishing species are found in great numbers. Your trip will provide memories for a lifetime.

Traveling In Guatemala

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Guatemala Fishing

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Sailfishing In Guatemala

With probably the highest population of sailfish in the world, Guatemala is the light tackle enthusiasts dream. Guatemala also holds the world record for sailfish releases on fly with 24 sailfish released in a day between 3 anglers. Although Guatemala is known mostly for its sailfish, it is not uncommon to have shots at Marlin, Tuna and Dorado.

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Guatemala Sailfish

Guatemala Sailfish-Guatemala has long maintained the title of the worlds most densely populated sailfish waters. Spend a week with us to find out why. read more...

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